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The latter is definitely important, but the former is overly maligned.One Year Of Discipline, Day 17: Finding Your Goals In Life - Life Science Mentor says.Ten Decisions You Need to Make to Get Rich by. the kind of money problem most people know is not enough money.

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It is coming from production, from action, from earning more money.Crazy when you think about guys going to college and slaving away for degrees, racking up debt, etc when the guy that is pouring drinks and banging girls is likely saved more money than them by 30 and had a lot more fun along the way.They key to wealth is to make more money by owning income producing businesses and assets, not by saving a portion of a limited income from a limited paycheck.For every dollar someone makes on the stock exchange, someone else has to lose a dollar.And the most amazing part of all is that we do not chase money.I was told this by non-rich family members, guidance counselors, teachers, personal bankers etc.

Now I am financially free and my income from investments returns me about 400k a year after tax plus I keep doing more developments and earn large profits that way.The calls were infused with plenty of little stories that made it so fun.I will literally do whatever it takes to gain physical and psychological independence, away from this robotic society.There is one little, itty-bitty conundrum: You will not get rich by saving your money but you will go broke by spending all of your money.All this other bull crap people talk about be it in sports or movies is just a distraction from crap lives.I will keep focusing on building my internet business like a boxer climbing up the rankings. No give in. EVER. Even as a very young guy, the concept of being Free was such a great one.

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I am never complying with being hen-pecked to death by a sorry bunch of angry, soulless women in public education again.

You cannot get rich by reducing, you cannot get rich by saving, you cannot get rich from a 401(k).Next time I visit I want to see something different.I learn more on the internet every fucking hour then I did in the great institutional scam.

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I will repeat it again - you can get free money from rich people if you put your mind to it.I realize we all make mistakes, but let them be unique mistakes that you learn from, not stupid shit like living above your means, maxing credit cards, taking on loans, buying more shit than you need, borrowing to buy shit you dont need, millions of people before you were in your daddys nutsack have already made these bone head mistakes.We tend to assume that if we work hard and save money then one day we will end up wealthy.I loved this article, I am currently a student and of course cash is always short and I have always had huge entrepreneurial dreams.I insure my trades protecting my downside enabling me to make sound decisions.People buy stocks not because of their value, but hoping that other people will buy them for even more in spite of their lack of value.It would work but that type of writing connotates a crazy writer who is probably part Charles Bukowski and part Ted Bundy.There was another bubble, which broke in 1987 when the Dow adjusted back to its normal ratio.

I am thankfful to Vic and forever indebted for helping me out in his own way.

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I had to admit to myself at 23, I was a bum, a broke loser and going no where, and it was totally, 100% my own doing.

There are investors who are smarter than you, have vastly more knowledge, and sophisticated tracking programs.You and you alone have to keep a keen eye on your assets, you and you alone can provide for your future.I got out and was doing pretty good well long story short I got shot in my ribs cause I lived In a bad area and they tried to steal my car well that only got me a hospital bill and ruined my career.Go to college and do what you want to do college, good paying job, blah blah but at my age what should I really do.You will have become a producer and not a beggar like you are right now.

We eat in great restaurants and we constantly buy fine new things to enhance our lives.Some very useful guidelines for ambitious young people trying to get rich.

You clearly are making a killing and that has you super stoked to spread your knowledge.I have set up a self managed super fund so that I can manage my super through trading options.I would like to talk to you more about being an entrepreneur and maybe bounce some ideas off you and get some advice, it would be very helpful, Thanks.I am currently looking to start a small business at school and hope to make good cash and hopefully expand my business.

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