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The current increase in global average temperature appears to be occurring much faster than at any point since modern civilization and agriculture developed in the past 11,000 years or so—and probably faster than any interglacial warm periods over the last million years.One of the biggest issues facing us right now is global warming.

While water vapor feedback is more widely accepted to be an amplifying influence on warming, this.Paris (AFP) - UN climate talks in Paris tasked with beating back the threat of global warming are scheduled to conclude on Friday.

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Gray areas indicate where there is insufficient data to detect a long-term trend.

Global warming is one aspect of climate change that involves rising temperatures in various regions of the world.

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Increases and decreases in global temperature during the naturally occurring ice ages of the past 800,000 years, ending with the early twentieth century.Today, global warming has become a threat to all mankind and the planet.

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Over the past two millenia, climate warmed and cooled, but no previous warming episodes appear to have been as large and abrupt as recent global warming.Cloud and precipitation-related feedbacks are so uncertain that it is difficult to assign any level of confidence.Check out the essential 411 on this misunderstood environmental problem.Global warming and climate change is looked at in this section of the global issues web site.

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The latest articles and facts about global warming and its causes, plus a look at the effects of climate change: rising sea level and severe weather.Abnormal and extreme weather, have long predicted would be an early effect of.There is no other known planet in our solar system where huge trees, deep oceans and people.

But over subsequent decades, scientists became more aware that global warming was not the only impact of excess heat absorbed by greenhouse gases.Global warming is happening now, and scientists are confident that greenhouse gases are responsible.


Temperatures over most of the past 2000 years compared to the 1961-1990 average, based on proxy data (tree rings, ice cores, corals) and modern thermometer-based data.

There are many more interesting questions, such as: is global warming real, what is the evidence that global warming is.A general overview of global warming and the science behind its understanding.

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The processes by which clouds and water vapor -- the 2 main feedbacks -- are maintained in the atmosphere.In fact, it is entirely possible that warming in the last 100 years has been more natural than manmade.

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While there is some uncertainty over how much warming has occurred over the last 50 to 100 years.

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A simple, quick read summarizing global climate change, including what it is, how it happens, and what the consequences are.

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Ocean Acidification: The Other Carbon Problem October 22, 2009.

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