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The MD of MMTC PAMP said that the e-tailing space will help them make the transactions transparent and increase the convenience for the customers in the demonetized scenario.Get your gold evaluated: Before giving away your gold, ensure to get its value double or even triple checked in order to avoid being cheated.Protect and create wealth by buying gold and silver from the premier precious metals.

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In fact looking a historic gold price chart you would probably be able to pick out the timings of the major crises the world has witnessed through the years.On the other hand, if a central bank decided to start liquidating their gold assets, the increased supply would definitely cause the price to drop.Please contact your investment advisor before making investment decisions.Rural India deserves a special mention as it accounts for nearly two-thirds of the total demand for gold in India.But it is expected that the transparency generated by demonetization would lead to less volatile gold prices in India over the long term.

Retain invoice: To be able to sell to a reputed jeweller and get the most value from your investment, it is important that you keep the original invoice intact.Quantitative Easing Initiatives - The strategy of quantitative easing in based on an intention to ensure more money is introduced into the market so that banks hand out loans more readily to their customers to promote spending.Gold will always retain its future value because it is the ultimate form of money.Gold ETFs charge a minimal fee (at the rate of up to 1.1% currently) for asset management.

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It is planning to do more tie-ups as the investment demand for gold in India is expected to increase in 2017.

On the flip side, even with constant demand, gold rate today might be more than what it was the day before as there are supply issues.You can see todays gold rate and todays silver rate in India.The maximum allowed open position is same as that for all above contracts.

If, however, that is not possible, you can also approach pawn shops (but be careful as they might undervalue your gold).In India, about 8% of savings of rural households go towards buying gold, primarily jewellery.

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However, gold bars are not accepted by banks and NBFCs as security for a gold loan.Closer home, India was often invaded by various empires during the middle-ages as Indian temples had built up huge reserves of the metal through the centuries.Deficit financing has several economic effects that are correlated in many ways.

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Commodities exchange brokers are not required to register themselves with a regulator.However, a dedicated commodity demat account from the National Securities Depository Ltd. is mandatory for trades on the NCDEX similar to stocks.The individual also has to go under a normal account contract with the broker and provide details such as PAN card no. and bank account no. to complete the process of identification.You will notice that the rates of gold increase as the purity (karats) increase.In such cases, the country can choose to either change the value at which the currency is traded globally or use a different currency altogether.

As a result of the failure of the gold standard methodology and the Breton Woods Accords, most countries moved towards a deficit financing model, wherein, the central bank would print money and mint coins that are backed by an equivalent amount of gold as well as foreign currency.Gold prices are updated regularly according to live spot gold rates.Since early human history, gold has been considered to be a precious asset to covet and fight over.This is an effort to get some tangible security, and therefore, the gold rates go up.In India, gold has long been associated with wealth and prosperity and the metal has also been considered the perfect gift for festive and a variety of religious occasions such as marriage ceremonies.Ancient Indians exported diamonds to different parts of the Roman Empire and in exchange, only imported the purest of gold and silver coins.As mentioned in the beginning, India has miniscule gold reserves and depends largely on the global commodities market to meet its demand for the yellow metal.

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